Silver City

I am in Silver City. The trip over the Black Range was full of memories and the realization that New Mexico is interlaced with memories of my family.  It goes back a very long way.  Bob in Taos.  Claire and I at Bandelier.  Claire at UNM.  Me in Santa Fe. And then Kand P i Silver.  There are so many memories but I think there is a way to enjoy the day tomorrow and take in Silver City in the summer one more time.  Today in Albubuerque was great.  Cindy came with me to South Broadway and Erna Fergenson.  She was a great help.  At Erna Fergenson the doodle bug fell off the stage and she retrieved her–gently so that it seemed like part of the script.  There were two different groups at that show.  One had been at the show on Saturday at the Wyoming Branch in Albuquerque and came again with others and one from Cortez where they saw the show last year.  That is so cool. 

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