Rabbit Tales (A tobacco prevention show)

A tobacco prevention puppet show

RABBIT TALES is a tobacco prevention puppet show concentrating on the reasons why elementary students should not smoke or chew tobacco. Cassandra is a nasty bunny who wants to be Queen of Warren on the Green.  She intends to steal Skvang the Dragon’s golden egg to use to trick King Peter A Rabbit into marrying her.   But Cassandra is having a terrible time.  Since she smokes, she cannot carry the egg without losing her breath and needing to rest.  Her servant Gertrude who chews tobacco is in no better shape.  So they must convince Honey Bunny, Cassandra’s step daughter to carry the egg back to the palace for them and fast!  Meanwhile, if Skavang doesn’t get the golden egg back before it hatches, his wife Wisteria will make scales fly!  Skavang of course knows who has stolen the egg.  He has a great nose and instantly smells smoky Cassandra and slips on Gert’s spit.  So the chase is on!  Wizard Youngblood, King Peter (the object of Cassandra’s affection) and Honey Bunny are all involved in the mix-up.  Will the egg hatch or be the trick to allow Cassandra to marry the King?

Make sure to check out our downloadable Rabbit Tales PDF for more anti-tobacco activities.