A Fizz! Boom! Dragon Mystery

Fizz BangA Fizz Boom! Dragon Mystery” takes place in lovely Dragonwood, the home of all dragons—a perfect place until something goes horribly wrong!  Dragons are suddenly disappearing all over Dragonwood. Meanwhile, Mad Scientist, Wizard Warren-a pip squeak of a wizard who has never really liked dragons–is suddenly becoming a very powerful scientist.  Zed the Dragon and his best friend, Estelle the Mouse must find what has happened to Zed’s parents and all the other dragons who have vanished.  Their biggest challenge is that they must take Zed’s sister and brothers, who have not hatched yet, with them.  It is essential that they keep the eggs warm at all times.  With the help of several of their dragon friends and other woodland creatures, Zed and Estelle set out to solve this great dragon mystery and make sure that Mad Scientists Wizard Warren is stopped before he takes over Dragonwood and the World!