On the road in Eastern SD

January 28th 2010—On the road again!  It has been a while since I had a road trip. I am in Aberdeen SD tonight—2 shows in Webster tomorrow.  I am doing IN THE CENTER OF THINGS (anti-bullying) at the Elementary school in the afternoon and THE TALL TALE OF MATTY BOW for the Farm Home and Sport show in the evening.  It was an amazing trip here.  I got coffee before I left Spearfish and rehearsed to Faith.  I stopped for gas and a bathroom break but the station has a big NO WATER.  I asked how long they had been out of water and how far reaching it was.  They haven’t had water for a week the city water is down.  The electricity went down and the water overflowed and then froze.  The lady behind the counter was pregnant which would make the no water situation worse.  She had a well at home so had only been out of water for 2 days but she worked in the city limits.  I went on to Eagle Butte.  From Eagle Butte to La Plant I think every electric pole was snapped off.  There were crew working is the very cold weather.  A wide swath has be plow up through the snow along the power line.  Several places there was only one lane because of equipment.  It was really surreal.  Just past Bowdle I saw what looked like a convoy.  In the dark there was a line of headlight coming toward me.  I counted 25 big rigs heading west.  Then I lost track.  It was so interesting to be driving on really good roads and knowing how much damage needed to be repaired.  I am staying at the Super 8 in Aberdeen.  When I got here about 9:00 there were about 8 National Guards waiting for rooms.  I went to eat and came back to about 30 National Guards sitting around in the lobby.  I think they are helping restore electricity in South Dakota.

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