Dragon Stories Press Release

Dragon Stories

(   Sponsor)   presents Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppets’ “Dragon Stories”.  This puppet show is an adventure for the whole family.  “Dragon Stories” is a puppet storytelling fantasy about Zed The Dragon and his best friend Estelle The Mouse.  It is Zed’s 500th birthday and Estelle is bound and determined to make sure it is a memorable one!  So she invites dragons from around the world to come to the party and share dragon stories from their culture.  The dragons share stories of adventure and misadventure but they also threaten to have Estelle as a birthday treat–making for a lively and sometimes deadly celebration.  “Dragon Stories” is full of antics and dry humor.  It is an interactive show that encourages the audience to celebrate Zed’s birthday.   It celebrates this year’s Summer Reading Theme of ONE WORLD—MANY STORIES.

“Dragon Stories” is the third in a series of adventures for Zed and Estelle.  It is presented by Markie Scholz of Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Theatre.  Scholz is a founding member of the Dragons.  The Theatre has been bringing laughter and whimsy to audiences for many years.  The “Dragons” have performed in over 40 states, six countries and on the Golden Gate Bridge in rush hour traffic.

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