A Dragon Mystery: Legend of Istaban’s Gold.

This is the second in the series of Zed the Dragon and his best friend Estelle the Mouse. For this second puppet show, Zed and Estelle are called to Dragon Island to help solve a perplexing mystery. Istaban the oldest, wisest and richest dragon is slowly and quite unwillingly losing his gold. He suspects someone is stealing it, but who? He wants answers. Even more, he wants his gold back! Zed and Estelle need help on this case. So they hire the B.F.B Detectives from the neighboring Galapagos Islands. The B.F.B. Detectives are truly birds of a feather (Blue Footed Boobies, to be exact). Between these clownish bird detectives & Zed and Estelle, who knows if Istaban will ever see his gold again. This is puppetry for the entire family. Character counts

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