The Puppet Center

NEW! The Definitive Guide to Puppet Show Success for teachers, librarians, moms, dads and care givers of all kinds.
By Master Puppeteer Markie Scholz
The Puppet Center PDF is a complete How-To Guide for creating a rich, rewarding puppetry experience. 56 power-packed pages with easy to follow and well illustrated instructions. Its wealth of ideas and techniques will keep kids of all ages entertained, learning and laughing for years to come. $19.95

A Student Handbook that includes:
– A How-To Manual
– Script Writing Tips
-The Three Pigs–an Original Script
– How-To Make Sound Effects
– Puppet Making Patterns
-Several plans for puppet stages

A Teachers Manual that includes:
– A Summery of the Student Handbook
– Themes for Puppet Use
– Research on the Importance of Puppetry in Education.

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