The Dragons are headed out for the Summer Reading Puppet Shows!

It is time to start the Summer Reading Puppet shows. I am so excited! I head up to Faith and Lemmon SD to kick off my summer. The Summer Reading Theme this year is “Build a Better World” so my puppet show is “Quest for the Junkyard Dragon”. It is a revision of a show from long ago but it is perfect. Sharn, her forest friends and Skavang the Junkyard Dragon have to work together to free the kingdom from its evil Queen and start fresh to “build a better world”. It is a show full of trolls, screaming meemies, talking rocks and adventure. Skavang the dragon has been doing puppet shows with me for years. So many years in fact that he was molting and shedding the velux he is made of. So he had to go in for a remake. Sue Hey had made the original Skavang so along with the millions of other things on her plate, she went about to re make Skavang’s head, neck, arms and hands. He is back to his spectacular self ready to save the world from the Queen! Thank you Sue!

Skavang Before

Skavang After

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