Spring may be coming

March is always such multi personality month.  One day it promises us that summer is just days away.  Then the  next day winter is back with sub freezing temperatures.  This year it started to sneak in like a lamb but just days into it that lion raised its frosty head and he roared!.

Some time in the midst of the lamb/lion dance, I went to Lusk WY for a show.  Monday and Tuesday were freezing, snowing, winding, cold.  But my show was on Wednesday which was clear–still cold but the roads were mostly clear.

It is always a blast to do shows at the library in Lusk.  It is an old building, one of the original ones built long ago. The childrens’ section is upstairs but there is , thank heavens, an elevator.  My stage was backed up to the stacks on one side with audience on chairs, the floor or standing on the other side.  It was a good crowd.  The show was IN THE CENTER OF THINGS.  It is a bullying prevention show and the audience really got into it–which makes it fun for me.

I have done a few shows, in Mobridge, Selby and a show and a workshop for the Diabetes Camp outside of Custer with my boot on for my broken leg but this was the first show without the boot.  It is amazing how you appreciate the freedom you have had once you loose it for a bit.  Since it was my right leg that was broken, driving with a boot on was indeed interesting.  But I am back with two good legs ready to take on shows anywhere!  On the Road again!

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