Spring is finally here!

Three blizzards in two weeks and rain and cold in between but then that’s spring in Dakota! And today the sun does shine!  I have been to Tyndall, Springfield and Tabor SD for three shows in one day but the good news is that even though I have been laid up for about 5 months with my broken leg, I had a great time doing the shows!  It was a blast.  So it is time to hit the road again.  And I am going to with vengeance!  I start out slow.  A show at the library in Sturgis and one at Storybook Island in Rapid City on the 5th.  Then Miller SD on the 7th and 8th along with Huron.  Then I hit the ground running.  Hill City SD, Casper for 5 shows and then Montana.  I

I am gathering my toys for the road.  I have a new satellite radio system which I hope I can download audible books onto, a Creative Zen MP3 player, I even get to borrow my Dad’s Kindle for a bit to see how that works.  All in all it will be life-on-the-road-with-style!

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