Snakes do climb trees!

An odd thing happened today. When we got home from having dinner at my dad’s, two robins looked like they were fighting outside by our spruce tree. The tree is a perfect Christmas tree. It has gotten tall and perfect in the last 20 years. Way up towards the top of the tree, the robins were fighting. They looked like they were fighting over a nest. It didn’t seem that they should be fighting so we looked closer at the nest. All we could see was snake. A snake had climbed the tree, about 20 feet and was in the nest eating the eggs or babies. The robins were not fighting each other they were trying to get the snake out of the nest. Dick got a long pole and pulled the snake out of the tree. It was a bull snake, maybe 4 feet long with a very round belly. He tried to slither back to the tree, but Dick blocked his path with the long pole. Finally he got him to go another direction. The robins came down and stared at us but didn’t go back up to the nest. I suspect we were too late. That is the only time I have ever seen a snake climb a tree to get to a nest. I can’t get the image out of my mind.

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