Bob and Millie Save the World

Great Water RescueThis show is the story of  Bob Bobcat and Millie Rabbit, two reluctant heroes.  They have been selected out of all the animals to return the Great Water Crystal to their beautiful valley before it becomes a desert. The Great Water Crystal is the source of all the water in the valley, the rain, the streams even the morning dew.

Trouble is, Pirate PeeWee Fox and his Terrible Assistant Flynn the Fast-footed Ferret have stolen the Water Crystal and taken it to the Seven Seas.

Millie and Bob must learn to work together to bring the water crystal back to the valley if it is ever going to rain again.

The Great Owl, Clyde the Crab, Noreen the Sea Gnome and, of course, Zed the Dragon all help our heroes to bring rain and the water crystal back home.

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