Shows in Webster

The shows in Webster were wonderful fun.  One show in the Elementary School and one in the Home and Sports show for the Chamber.  Good audiences.  I have been having a little trouble with tendinitis.  By the end of the first show, my left hand was hard to move.  I knew it would heal but I was worried that my puppets would seem like they had tooth aches for the night show.  I arrived for the night show early and decided to walk around and look at the booths.  One of the booths was called “Legends of Africa” .   The lady at the booth, I believe, was  from Kenya.  And she had a salve that she said offered instant relief.  It didn’t stop the pain but I did make it through the show HOORAY!  I was looking at her card later and her name is Wanja Schultz.  We do live in a well connected world.

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