Northern Montana

I am sitting in the wind capital of Montana-Cut Bank Montana. They have the largest wind farm in MT. It seems appropriate! The wind is constant and very strong. I did shows here and in Valier yesterday. There is a fierce pride in this still wild country. People are proud of the wildlife. As I left my show in Valier yesterday, the librarian told me to watch in the open fields outside of town. There had been a grizzly bear spotted with her cub. In Augusta the day before a lady told me to watch on the left side of the road after I went over the pass toward Lincoln (my next show) for moose. Now so far, I have not seen anything but I am in hopes. I want to see a moose. I have been looking for one and making all who love me look for one for years! You can always tell when asking about moose whether or not the native has had experience with moose. If they have not, they direct you as best they can. If they have had experience they grumble and want to know why on earth you want to see those “mad creatures” The lady this morning said ” I love all animals except moose. Everytime I see a moose it chases me! Another lady said that she had been chased across her land that very morning. “They are just a nuisance!” Still I want to see a moose. Maybe today.

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