New year–new adventures

I am sitting in my chair at home with my feet up.  Not so much for the comfort as to keep my newly broken leg elvated.  Our world–the Black Hills in general and our yard in particular-is covered with an uneven dusty dirty layer of snow with a solid layer of ice underneath.  Dick and I were coming into the house discussing what could be done about all the ice when I slid on the afore mentioned substance and landed smack on my calf–with all my post holiday weight.  Evidently my bones aren’t as strong as they once were.  I broke my fibula (sp) with a spiral break near the Knee.  Good News!  That bone is not a weight bearing bone so… soon as we figure out how bad the ankle is (did I mention the sprained ankle)?  We will be able to determine whether or not I hop along for a couple of months or if I can put weigh on it.  Slowly we are solving the problems of living in a house surrounding by an ice lake with a broken leg.  BEST SOLUTION.  Hobbling out to the car is no fun.  So Dick bought a sled and he pulls me in and out on the sled. It may look silly but it is better than the 20 minute hop to the car.  Pictures to follow.

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