Memories of our China Trip

I was going over the photos of our trip to China in December of last year.  Dick worked with students at Concordia and I helped. A puppet I made there out of a sock and I also got to work with the First graders.  This students were very curious about the puppet’s name.  They came up with some good ones like Bad Eyes and Sock it to Me and Lightfoot.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids talked to us for about 15 minutes and none of them noticed me sitting behind the puppet.  Puppets truly are magic!

We were in Shanghai.  It is a wonderful magical city.  One of the things I wanted to see was people practicing Tai Chi in the park.  One Saturday we ventured into an idyllic park full of flowers and trees even in December. There were people playing card games and kids running and playing everywhere.  And finally at the very end of the park there was a man doing Tai Chi.

It was beautiful.  We went ti YuYuan Garden. It is an outdoors market that surrounds a magnificent garden area with building.  It had lots of traditional building. We came around one corner and were face to face with a giant dragon head.  As we wandered around we realized that all of the buildings were connected by the dragon’s long body. Very impressive!  We saw a puppet museum. A Buddist Temple and architecture that could knock your eyes out. On top of that the food was beyond wonder.  It was a trip to be remembered and savored for years to come.


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