Lusk Wyoming

I am in Lusk Wyoming.  I had a show at the library last night.  What fun!  The room is upstairs and rather small.  Yesterday we returned to winter.  It  was snowing and the wind was howling.  I was a little worried about the roads but they were only a little dicey at the beginning and end of the trip.  The show was scheduled for 6:30 and the folks started arriving about 10 after.  And they just kept coming.  The room filled up quickly.  They estimated about 75 kids and maybe 20-25 adults.  The audience I get in Lusk is wonderful!  The show, The Tall Tale of Matty Bow was very well received.  I am not going home first thing this morning because I want to stop at the museum  (it opens at 10:00) and find out about Mother Featherlegs. She was a madam who made a lot of money in town and was murdered.  They have erected a monument to her outside of town. I will write more when I know more.

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