Laugh lest we weep

Mom was fond of saying “We laugh lest we weep” usually after we were wiping away tears of mirth at something that should have been viewed with seriousness and respect.  It is a coping mechanism but one that helps get you through the rough spots.  I had one of those rough spots yesterday.  I am in Montana doing puppet shows for the libraries.  This is my passion and my joy.  But this year has had a thorn or two.  My dad is 92 and has Parkinson’s.  He does extremely well with his horrible disease but there are days when all does not flow as it should.  Yesterday morning was one of those days. He needed some help from the doctor and it was slow in coming.  The lady who takes care of  him was worried.  We were trying to figure out  what to do as I drove through to get coffee. My Ford Focus was about eye level with the kiosk window.  I ordered while trying to find my money to pay, having put my cell phone in my lap(my version of putting people on hold).  So it was with great amazement that I looked in the window to find that the server was topless.  She was extremely well endowed and had what I think were fake tattoos in strategic places .  I say “I think” because I didn’t know exactly where to look.  Had it been a different time I probably would have asked about her lack of outfit.  Or why both she and her coworker  were topless.  This was Helena Montana after all.  But instead I just stared some, paid, remembered to tip her and as I drove away, I laugh out loud!

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