He Followed Me Home. Can I Keep Him? Press Release

He Followed Me Home. Can I Keep Him?
__________(Sponsor)_______________________ will present “He Followed Me Home, Can I Keep Him?”, a puppet show by Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions. “He Followed Me Home, Can I Keep Him?” is a whimsical puppet show that the whole family will enjoy. It will be presented at __________________ Place(s) and Time(s)________________.

In “HE FOLLOWED ME HOME, CAN I KEEP HIM?”, our heroine, young Liza McGwen is lonely. She really, really wants a pet. She has asked nicely and received a resounding “No!” for an answer. It is not any fun to live in a neighborhood with no other kids. There are just a bunch of grouchy adults–well, one grouchy adult and even she has a pet–if you can call a great big bug-eyed wrinkly monster with truly terrifying teeth named Slubber, a pet. Liza, being the good girl that she is, volunteers at the public library. While dusting a back room, she finds an ominous, yet compelling book of spells. As fate would have it, one of the spells is how to conjuring up your very own pet. What’s a lonely girl to do? Ah yes, but the spell may have worked too well. Liza was not expecting a DRAGON! Now all she has to do is talk her mother into letting her keep it. Oh, and find a way for Slubber and her dragon, Zed, to get along. It is going to be an uproarious adventure filled with, what else? Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales.

Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions is a one person troupe. Markie Scholz has been performing with the Dragons for over thirty years. She has presented shows, workshops, in-service training in thirty-nine states and six countries. She combines puppetry and storytelling is a way that delights young and old. Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions is dedicated to promoting fun, laughter and family entertainment. For more information about the performance(s) call___________Phone number___________.

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