Great Water Rescue Press Release

The Great Water Rescue II
(SPONSOR) presents Dragons Are Too Puppets’ “The Great Water Rescue II”.  This show is a puppet adventure for the whole family.  “The Great Water Rescue II” is puppet storytelling fantasy about two woodland animals, Bob Bobcat and Millie Rabbit, who must venture to the seven seas in search of the Great Water Crystal. Pirate Peewee Fox and his terrible assistant Flynn, the Fast Footed Ferret, have stolen the Water Crystal and without it our heroes’ beautiful valley will dry up and become a desert.  “The Great Water Rescue II” will be presented at (place) at (date and time) .

Bob Bobcat and Millie Rabbit are helped on their quest by Betty the Bat, Nadine the Sea Gnome, Clyde the cranky crab, Sealy, the adventurous sea otter, and Octavia, an octopus with an attitude, not to mention Zed the Dragon. “The Great Water Rescue II” is full of dry humor. It is an interactive show that encourages the audience to help Bob and Millie solve their problems.  

“The Great Water Rescue” is presented by Markie Scholz of Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions. Dragons Are Too Seldom is a traveling  puppet theatre. Scholz is a founding member. The theatre has been bringing laughter and whimsy to audiences for many more than 30 years. The “Dragons” have performed in over 40 states and six countries.

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