Daisy’s Mad Dash Press Release

Daisy’s Mad Dash

Daisy Dragon has a good life. She lives in an enchanted forest on the edge of nowhere with all the good friends a dragon could want.  Then something happens that wrecks Daisy’s world.  She discovers that she may be the last dragon.  How can she go on being happy knowing dragons are about to become extinct? Daisy’s friends spread out and search the world but they cannot find any dragons! Just when it seems hopeless, Daisy hears about a dragon egg right here in her forest.  But the egg is in trouble. Witch Hazel has stolen it and plans to make witch spells out of it.  Daisy and her friends must make a mad dash to rescue the egg and all of dragonkind.


About Dragons Are Too Seldom

Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions began in the summer of 1971. That summer Markie Scholz and her sister Claire Scholz went to New Jersey to entertain families by doing puppet shows. Their first performance netted $.37 in donations. That convinced them to take their profession more seriously. And so, they did. Thirty-one years later they are still entertaining families with Claire manufacturing her line of Tub Buddies® washcloth puppets, and Markie touring the United States giving puppet shows.

Markie is currently a one person troupe. She and her puppets have performed in thirty-nine states and six countries. She travels 30,000 to 70,000 miles a year in her pursuit to bring puppets to the masses.

She has performed at art festivals, senior citizen centers, schools, day care centers, benefits, birthday parties, and on the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hour traffic, to name just a few.

Scholz has a studio in Spearfish SD where she creates puppets, writes scripts, rehearses, designs and books her shows. She shares this space with some six hundred retired puppets who line the walls and ceiling.

This is Markie’s full time job. She has performed for an audience as large as 5000 at a Girl Scout Jamboree and as small as five at a rural school 72 miles from the nearest town. She has performed for over a million South Dakotans and just as many others throughout the world.

Last summer she performed over 60 shows in New Mexico and Utah, traveling some 11,000 miles in her Ford Escort with only her puppets for traveling companions.

“Puppetry is a wonderful profession!” says Scholz. “It allows you to share a magical time with wonderful people. I hope I will still be a puppeteer when I am 95.”

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  1. I love it when people find their own kind of magic and brilliance to bring to children and others. I have dreamed of writing children,s books since I was a child myself.
    Instead I became a registered play therapist. Now that I am retired I am again yearning to write so I will hang out with you guys for awhile and see if I can get inspired!! Nancy Thompson, Bellevue, Ne

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