Booking for the Fall

So it is time to get moving on booking puppet shows for this fall.  I am going to try a new approach this year.  I am going to offer a season of shows.  Four of my shows will be featured.  The others will be available too but we will negotiage on those.  The four shows will be:  A DRAGON MYSTERY: THE LEGEND OF ISTABAN’S GOLD—-THE TALL TALE OF MATTY BOW   These two shows are fun and full of puppets and antics of all types.  The other two shows are RABBIT TALES a tobacco prevention show—-IN THE CENTER OF THINGS a bullying prevention show.  Each of the prevention shows will come with a PDF for the teachers and students to download in the classroom with lots of  re-enforcing activies for the students.  There are different approaches to book each of these shows.  The job of the booker (me right now) is to organize the approaches and GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD!

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