Back on the road

6/14/2010 OK vacation is over. I had three days off after only two shows but I am back on the road. I left Bozeman this morning bright and early hoping to have time to investigate the Boulder Hot Springs Resort. I saw an add for it and it seemed like an adventure waiting to happen. So off I went. I remembered a short cut off the Interstate that would get me there quicker–if I could just remember what exit to take. I got to an exit that looked right. And headed off towards what I hoped was Boulder. It didn’t look familiar but there was a sign that said Boulder 25 miles. So all was well, until I hit gravel. I was beginning to think I had somehow missed a turn when the gravel road with no speed limit had a “Reduce Speed farm machinery entering” sign. Sure enough there was a large farm operation. I debated but decided to stop and ask directions. “Yes,” the lady said. “This road goes to Boulder but it’s gravel the whole way. Go Slow” She was right on both counts. I later found out the road I was really looking for was under construction and would have taken twice the normal time. The show was great fun! Lots of kids and lots of laughs. Afterward I headed the 3.5 miles south of Boulder to the Hot Springs Resort. It is cool! The buildings are big and very last century. The rooms are great. Mine has a 1/2 bath but there is a place to take a shower downstairs. The indoor bathing rooms are segregated-men’s and women’s–bathing suits optional. The outside one is co-ed. The women’s has a hot tub (104-106), a cooler pool and a steam room. I am headed there now.

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