A Dragon Mystery Press Release

The Dragon Mystery
(___________________local sponsor___________ will host a puppet performance entitled “A Dragon Mystery” presented by Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppets Productions at (_________place and time_________). This is a puppet show for the whole family!

“A Dragon Mystery” takes place in Dragonwood, the home of all dragons–a perfect place until something goes horribly wrong. Dragons are turning up missing all over Dragonwood and Wizard Warren, a pip squeak of a wizard who has never had any room for dragons is suddenly becoming very powerful. Zed the Dragon and his new best friend, Estelle the Mouse must find Zed’s parents AND figure out what is happening to the dragons. But they must take Zed’s brothers and sisters, who are still in their eggs with them. Their biggest challenge is that they must keep them warm at all times. With the help of several of their dragon friends and other woodland creatures, Zed and Estelle set out to solve a dragon mystery and make sure t hat Zed’s brothers and sisters hatch!

Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppets with master puppeteer, Markie Scholz, has been touring the United States performing for over thirty years. Markie’s fast paced shows are full of fun and excitement. She and her puppets travel between 30,000 and 70,00 miles a year, performing for schools, libraries, festivals, special happenings and any other events that need some laughter and joy.

For more information about the performance(s) call (phone number).

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