A Dragon Mystery: Legend of Istaban’s Gold Press Release

A Dragon Mystery: Legend of Istaban’s Gold
(________local sponsor____________) will host a puppet performance entitled “A Dragon Mystery: Legend of Istaban’s Gold” presented by Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions at (___________place and time______________). This is a puppet show for the whole family!

This is the second adventure for Zed the Dragon and his best friend Estelle the Mouse. Zed and Estelle are called to Dragon Island to help solve a perplexing mystery. Istaban the oldest and wisest-not to mention richest dragon on Dragon Island is slowly and quite unwillingly losing his gold. He suspects someone is stealing it, but whom? He wants answers. Even more, he wants his gold back! Zed and Estelle are at a loss, they need help on the case. So they hire the B.F.B Detectives from the neighboring Galapagos Islands. The B.F.B. Detectives are truly birds of a feather (Blue Footed Boobies, to be exact). Between these clownish bird detectives and Zed and Estelle, who knows if Istaban will ever see his gold again–or if the true villain will ever be captured? But one thing is for certain, the adventure will be a fun ride!

Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions has been touring the United States and Europe performing for over thirty years. Markie’s fast paced shows are full of fun and excitement. She and her puppets travel between 30,000 and 70,000 miles a year, performing for schools, libraries, festivals, special happenings and any other events that need some laughter and joy.

For more information about the performance(s) call (________contact number______).

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