6 shows in 6 towns in 2 days

I am back in Bozeman. I have finished my big two days for the first round. Monday I did a show in Boulder MT and stayed the night at the Boulder Hot Springs Resort. Then on to Helena Public Library. That show is always so much fun! and Constance(librarian) is great! Then to East Helena Library. They are a week away from moving to a brand new building. Diane is so enthusiastic and the show was really fun. It started to rain hard as I loaded up my show and drove down to Clancy. We were in a big tin building. The beginning of the show (The Great Water Rescue II) Is about a valley that has no rain. As I was talking about this it began to really rain. The raindrops were hitting the roof with great force. The line is “It did not rain. And still it didn’t rain”. All the while the rain is slamming down on the roof. Talk about “willing suspension of disbelief”! This was Tuesday. I stayed in Helena that night and left for Augusta MT. I go a late start and thought I would get gas in Wolf Creek. No gas there and no place to get gas for the next 40 miles. I arrived in Augusta on fumes. The show is Augusta was great! A little boy who had impressed me with his wisdom (He was 4) last year was back. I asked him if he remembered our conversation. He said “No. I was only 4 last year.” Susan bought me lunch–The best hamburger in the world! It was too, even though I had to eat it on the road to Lincoln. Lincoln has a new community room. It is really nice. Good audience. Then on to Cascade for a 7:00 show. That show is really a kick! All six shows were really really fun and I seemed to survive in great shape. I drove back to Bozeman–made it by 11:00 and went down to see Lang’s studio. What a great space. Today I have off. Tomorrow, Whitehall then home for 4 days.

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  1. Markie, I was sorry to hear from Sophita at the Bosque Farms library that your mother passed away. My condolences….it’s always hard to lose a loved one.

    We met years ago at a library showcase event in NM….I have always remembered the afternoon we spent chatting fondly….

    Wishing you all the best,

  2. Post

    Thank you Joy. I do miss her so. I very much remember that afternoon. I hope to be back in NM next summer. I will see if we can connect.

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