Summer Reading Program 2010

6/13/10  Sunday in Bozeman.  This is a strange schedule.  I must talk to my book manager about feast or famine.  I had one show in Havre Mt on Thursday, one in Cut Bank MT on Friday and the next one will be in Boulder Mt on Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday have three shows a day each-all in different towns.  But if I am going to have three days off I am so glad it gets to be in Bozeman with Lang.  We had Cajun food for lunch then climbed Pete’s Hill.  I made it all the way—with a few stops to admire the view.  It is a trail in Bozeman going up a hill by the library. What a spectacular city Bozeman is!  There has been LOTS of rain so it is green and beautiful. We took a drive to Paradise Valley via the back roads.  Lang and Dick and I had tried to take it once before but somehow missed the turn.  This time we got to see it.    Coffee in Livingston then the art walk in Bozeman.  The many art galleries downtown open their doors on a Friday night and invite the public for wine and cheese and art.  It was great.  We, of course, stopped at Attitudes which has two Termespheres hanging in their front windows.  Then we went to the Emerson (the art center) for Dinner.  It was lovely and delicious.  It is however, the first time I have had baked eggs on pizza.  Saturday we went to the Leonardo exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies.  They have built the inventions Leonardo wrote about in the 14 hundreds.  We got to play with them. What a kick!  I was hoping they would have put together a camera obscura like the one at the Cliff House in San Francisco but they opted for the forerunner of the tank—which was awesome.

6/8/10—as remembered 6/10/10

Summer Reading Tour has begun.  Every year it seems there is a life time until I start my summer reading tour.  And every year it jumps up and bites me.  This year was more intense because there was a new tobacco prevention in May.  Then I revised another show for Summer Reading.  It has been an intense couple of months but I am ON THE ROAD AGAIN! I left Spearfish on Tuesday.  I was supposed to go at noon but as always happens tome before a road trip.  There were many more things that needed to be done than I thought.  I was finally ready to go to Havre MT about 1:00—a mere 520 miles north and west.  That’s when I realized I had lost the power cord to my computer.  The battery life on this computer when fully charged is 39 minutes.  We began the search.  It was a good thing because I picked up about a dozen things I had forgotten to pack but no cord.  I finally gave up the search about 2:30 and headed out.  But I decided to stop at Radio Shack to see what they had.  They had a power cord for 80 bucks.  Being caught between a rock and a hard place, I bought the cord and was on the road by 3:15.  One should not start a very long road trip at 3:15.  But I had audio books and I need to go over the show—several times so what the heck?  In Billings I missed the turn and headed back toward Spearfish for about 40 miles before realizing my mistake and turning around.  All things being equal and the same, I got into Havre at 1:00.  I could have been worse.  I slept very well and the show was a blast. I am in Cut Bank—the wind mill capital of Montana now with a show this afternoon at 3:00.  Then on to Bozeman.  I do love the road!

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